Women Steel-Boned Under bust Waist Training Black Mesh Corsets Shaper

A short torso waist trainer corset is ideal for slimming and toning your waist for the perfect hourglass figure. If you have compression built around your waist and belly, then you will burn calories and fat more efficiently, especially if you diet, exercise, work out at the gym, run, or even perform other exercises. Good choice if you are considering post pregnancy weight loss.
  • Reduce waistline
  • Double tummy control offer strong compression
  • Smooth your abdomen, and create an hourglass figure.
  • Burn calories
  • Speed up perspiration during exercise
  • Increase temperature burning fat and lose weight quickly

Spiral bones

Curved ribs for comfortable fitting

Standard flexible busk

Straightforward single layer mesh fabric

High pressure contraction at your waist and abdomen

Hot Shaper Waist Trainer Belt Workout Weight Loss Cincher Backed By Clinical RnD

The Hot Shaper waist trainer belt can help to maintain body heat during exercise while stimulating sweat production. With its neoprene composition and its special design, it will make you sweat three times more than you have ever done before, which will help you to lose inches, flatten your belly, and melt fat away as you will sweat three times more than you have ever done before.
hot shaper belt features

Elastic Breathable Outer Material

Neoprene the middle layer rains body heat

Lycra the inner layer increase body core temperature

Big stretchable pocket for your mobile phones

High pressure contraction at your waist and abdomen

  • Slim tummy and waist
  • Stimulate sweat during exercise
  • Dramatically improve your body's shape
  • Preventing post-workout fatigue and injuries
  • Helps you to burn more fat during your workouts

Back & Shoulder Brace Posture Corrector with Lumbar Support

A shoulder and back posture brace or clavicle brace will be able to make you feel and look healthier again enabling you to have a straight back. Featuring fully adjustable straps that make it easy to adjust. Men, as well as women, can wear this back stretcher. Using the Velcro straps, you can easily adjust the length of the garment so it fits your body snugly for the most effective results.
Back Posture Corrector

Smooth Elastic Fabric

Strong & discreet brace

Sturdy and durable

NBR foam cushion

Adjustable straps

  • Corrects poor body posture
  • Reduces sedentary stiffness
  • Cures back pain and fatigue
  • Boosts confidence
  • Can be worn over or under clothing

Foldable Baby Nappy Caddy Organizer with Adjustable Compartments

We offer wholesale nappy caddy organizers that are made up of high quality eco-friendly felt material with a thickness of 4mm, and they are stitched by professionals to meet and exceed the expectations of every mom and to last for a long period of time.
  • 6 Outer Compartments
  • Bigger and wider side Pockets to fit more stuff
  • Thicker & Softer Felt
  • Sturdy felt walls with a soft
  • Folds Easily
  • Protective ribbon around the edges
  • Fits perfectly into drawers and cupboards
Baby Nappy Caddy Organiser

Six bigger pockets

Durable felt

Thicker and Softer felt

Big storage compartments

Ribbed edges

Slim And Spruce

PK Amigos Impex Ltd

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