PkAmigos Impex Ltd

PkAmigos Impex ltd. is a UK-based brand, Manufacturer, Distributor, and Exporters of Fitness Gear like Back Posture Correctors, Body Corsets, and Hot Shaper Belts to make you slim and spruce.

PkAmigos was founded in 2007 by a Family team that is passionate about fitness. Our dedication to quality and our constant search for innovation has made us one of the best manufacturers in our market. We are reorganized around the world, thanks to both our staff and skilled craftsmen, as well as to our up-to-date equipment, which is always under personal supervision during production as well as after it.

Our Strory

PkAmigos as a company had very humble beginnings. It started out in a small living room in Pakistan. Now Operating In the United Kingdom and all around the world. We’re always working toward our goals, and we’re helping others reach theirs. Besides, we’ve kept building our media network by expanding internationally and helping you find everything you need at an affordable price.

We are proud of the passion and dedication each member of our team brings to make our customers’ lives better.

What We're Looking For

Over the years, we have emphasized the value of hard work and a strong commitment to its customers. We spend every waking moment creating higher quality and more durable products for customers who are confident in quality and pride in using them to meet fitness goals!

We know that successful people are those who have a positive outlook on life, work hard, and are humble. PkAmigos is that kind of company, Our Customers Come First!

Slim & Spruce