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Custom Back Braces

What Are Back Braces?

The Back Braces are most often used to treat back straightening or spinal problems. It helps with spine curvature due to arthritis or a spinal deformity. It works as a posture correcter improving the alignment of the user’s torso.

Who Should Use These Posture Correcter Braces?

People can wear these posture correctors with functional scoliosis and ordinary people to give back support during daily activities. Posture corrector back braces are vital to helping prevent back injuries and improve posture. Users can wear it for 6 to 8 hours daily for posture correction or back pain problems. When the user wears it correctly, They will notice increased circulation and reduced inflammation in their bones, joints and muscles.

There are many types of spinal braces :

  • Neck Braces
  • Molded jacket back brace
  • Corset Braces
  • Scoliosis rigid brace
  • Hyperextension braces

Pk Amigos Custom Back Braces

Pk Amigos is a custom wholesale back braces posture corrector manufacturer, supplier and exporter. Many people worldwide use our back posture correctors to improve their posture and spinal problems. With the custom-fit design of back braces and years of experience, we provide the best posture correctors to our wholesale customers and partners at an affordable price.

Benefits of buying Custom-Made Back Braces From Us

Pk Amigos is a reputable factory for custom back braces. You will get many benefits when buying from us, Including:

  • Discount on bulk purchases
  • Special discount for startups
  • Generate more sales
  • On-time delivery
  • Incredible profits
  • Dealing with authentic and registered vendor
  • Maximum manufacturing capacity
  • Tailored solutions

Customization Options For Back Braces Posture Corrector

Every user has different body types and back problems, and We manufacture these braces for our business partners and clients to keep in mind their customer needs. We provide tailored solutions to meet every individual requirement. 

Our customization includes:

  • Logo customization
  • design
  • Size
  • Special case medical braces
  • Closure type customization